The beginning of part 2

The beginning of part 2


Product Description

HRR 260, ltd 500, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, A2 poster, 4 page insert

Terry Dark – Vocals
Phil Kimberley – Drums
Mike Darby – Guitar
Pete Green – Bass

“All the tracks on this album are performed by JR2, the Darby, Dark, Green, Kimberley line-up. Some of the songs appeared on ‘Just As The Dust Had Settled’ but in every case we have used a different version for this release, either another studio version (‘Fortune Teller’ and ‘Electric Sun’) or a live rehearsal version.

“‘Bulldogs’ has never seen the light of day before; JR1 with Ian and Acy just couldn’t make the number work. But then the new guys came along and Mike Darby added some great touches and Pete Green’s bass sings. And although the version you will hear is still incomplete, you can see that it would have been very interesting if we’d ever been able to do it properly in a studio. Also previously unreleased are ‘Trouble’ and ‘Tim & Nev’s Green & White Pick-Up Truck’, a vehicle – if you’ll excuse the pun! – for Phil’s drum work.

“Most of the tracks JR2 covered from JR1 are more up-tempo and grittier, I would say, but maybe that’s up to the listener to decide…

“I hope you enjoy these songs and are looking forward to the new ones coming soon.” – Terry Dark

The beginning of part 2 Track List

1: Electric Sun
2: Fortune Teller
3: Gettin´ Hotter
4: Trouble
5: Nev & Tim´s Green & White Pick-Up Truck
6: Titanic
7: The Hypnotist
8: Straight From The Butchers
9: Catcher In The Rye
10: Bulldogs