Uninvited guests

Uninvited Guests


This is the highly anticipated, much awaited and FIRST EVER full length Jameson Raid album containing all new material!

Product Description

Uninvited Guests are everywhere”, Terry explained. “The world is full of them. They arrive at your door, your borders, your TV screens, and in your body and mind. They fly, crawl and walk into your life before you have a chance to reject them.”

“The new album strips away some of the things that we’ve experimented with in the past”, Pete Green tells us. “It will be fantastic to reconnect with people and show them how far we’ve come.”

“We’ve tried to capture original elements of the Jameson Raid sound with the recording of this album, but have applied a contemporary approach to our production techniques to bring the Jameson Raid sound up-to-date’”, Dave Rothan tells us. “We hope the fans will agree that this is how they might have imagined Jameson Raid to sound in 2015.”

“I’m sure many will be surprised by the quality and evolution showcased on this new JR album”, confirms Lars. “And we’ve already started work on the next one!”

Uninvited Guests Track List

Mr. Sunset
Uninvited Guests
Metal People
Breaking Point
Red Moon
Roll On Tomorrow
SS Idol Tearz
Maze Of Rats
9 Reasons
Truth & Hersey