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Brendan, John, Gavin & Terry are proud to tell you that Chemikill will be supporting act at The Asylum on Nov 30th in Birmingham. These guys really know how to whip up a storm of British Power Metal & we are very much looking forward to seeing them play live. So get your tickets soon for a night of great music with Jameson Raid & Chemikill!!

It's great to have excellent musicians working with me & I'm honoured to welcome an outstanding drummer  who'll be hitting the skins behind, Gavin Coulson, Bad Johnny & myself in the UK this Nov/Dec.
Brendan O' Neill spent many years drumming with Rory Gallagher & Nine Below Zero amongst many other top artists & the Guys are delighted to welcome him to the fold.
The line-up is complete...And it's a Cracker!!

Delighted to tell you that Gavin Coulson will be joining me & Bad Johnny for Terry Dark's Jameson Raid UK gigs in Birmingham & Sheffield at the end of this year. Gavin currently plays with Oliver/Dawson's Saxon, amongst others & is also known for his work with John Verity, The Quireboys, Mick Abrahams & Geoff Whitehorn plus of course his teaching & guitar demonstrations. I promised you a strong line-up & with one more name to come I'm keeping that promise! Welcome Gavin.

Terry Dark has invited some really great musicians along to play all the old favourite songs from the extensive Jameson Raid repertoire at Hard Rock Hell on Sunday 3rd December in Sheffield. Names to follow.
He tells us it may be the very last Jameson Raid gig & calls it the 'Last Gasp tour!"

Terry's new single will be released on Friday September 1st & available through the shop page on this site!

Terry has started work on his new CD! The working title is "MetaFour."

Gerrie Lemmens is my favourite photographer & he will be joining me for a new photo-shoot this month. There will be surreal photos this time & we can't wait to get it done! There will be an Instagram account to publish them when ready.

Terry is now working on brand new songs for his new album. He tells us: "This album will be radically different from Uninvited Guests. The songs will be more concentrated, more subtle. I don't have a final title yet but I am calling it "Textual Ecstasy" at the moment."
This process takes time so no holding of breath. Uninvited Guests is not very old, and Superglue Salesmen is still on release. If you don't have these yet go to the shop & order them now.
JR team.

'Superglue Salesmen', Terry's new single, is available now from itunes. Just follow this link:
It's 4 minutes of up tempo Hard Rock/Metal you won't want to miss !

Great to see Metal People from Uninvited Guests at number 1 in the Radio Indie Alliance Chart Top Ten for this week. Thanks to all the listeners from all the stations involved!

Terry Dark's Jameson Raid

Who sells Superglue? And why? Terry Dark explains all with his brand new Rock single, 'Superglue Salesmen.'

Terry's been making great music for many years & once again delivers a hot, up tempo, rock song with those defining lyrics that set him apart from the others, and this song has a 'Drop' like the Grand Canyon and more hooks than a heavyweight boxing gala!

You can download it now from the shop page for only 99 Eurocents.

We will send a download link

Terry Dark's Jameson Raid is set to release a brand new single in August!

"In a world that Stephen Hawkins believes may not have a long future, we need some new heroes." Terry told us. "We've had them in the past and this song praises them, and by doing so reminds us of our need. I call these heroes 'Superglue' heroes because they help stick the rips and tears in our civilization back together."

More details with release date coming soon!

Terry is working with Dutch photographer Gerrie Lemmens on some new photos. Both men are excited about working together in this way.

"This will be something new for me," Gerrie says, "As usually I do live gigs photography but when Terry asked me I immediately said yes!"

"Gerrie is a fantastic photographer and I'm really looking forward to working with him on this new set of photos." Says Terry, "He's the first guy I went to and he understands exactly what I want and need."

A new single from Terry Dark's Jameson Raid is coming! Terry & producer Sam Bollands are busy putting the final touches to the new track scheduled for release in August. Terry stated simply, "It's been a year since 'Uninvited Guests. Time for something new."

A very special offer from the Jameson Raid shop, available only for previous customers, will be landing in your mail box soon!!
Metal Greets
JR team.

I'm delighted to tell you the New York's Factory Fast Records will be releasing a compilation CD on May 31st 2016 called, 'Haunted.' Yes! The title track has been taken from the CD, 'Uninvited Guests.' A fact I'm very proud to share with you. You can order the CD with some great melodic rock tunes direct from their website. And on Saturdays they have a special promotion; you can order all their CD's for half price!
Metal Greets

Don't miss this!! Tune in to a live interview hosted by Jacqueline Jax with Terry Dark on Thursday March 31st on AVA Live Radio. Check out their website a couple of days in advance for an easy link to the show. 7pm in Miami, Florida, USA, 2 pm in Europe and 1pm in the UK. See you then..Terry.

Great to see US University campus radio picking up tracks from Uninvited Guests. Thanks, Guys!

US listeners are voting tracks from Uninvited Guests into the eagle Eye Music productions charts. This week both 'Truth & Heresy' & '9 Reasons' are in the charts. My thanks to all the voters!

Praise for Uninvited Guests continues to mount! Classic Rock Society's Jan/Feb '16 issue calls Uninvited Guests, "(A) proud Heavy Metal album full of thrilling riffs & solos with a great performance from Terry Dark!"
Powerplay Rock & Metal Jan/Feb '16 issue says Uninvited Guests, "Simply cooks!"
Other reviews are saying, "Killer tracks, venomous riffs, solid groove Metal, epic. and much more.


As promised, from now on the band is to be known as Terry Dark's Jameson Raid. This allows me more freedom to choose who I will work with in the future; for the rest, everything remains the same. I'm already working on new songs, with a themed idea, so expect something from me towards the end of the year. Thanks for your continued support...Terry.


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For the latest reviews on 'Uninvited Guests' please click on the links below.



Many thanks from Ian, Acy, Phil & Terry to all who bought our 2010 reunion DVD, 'Still Life-Fast Moving' which has now sold out. Some copies may still be available from HighRoller Records.


Sorry! Sold out! ( More will be available if demand for this item is big enough.) Jameson Raid Double DVD, "Still Life-Fast Moving."

Featuring never before released material from the Jameson Raid 2010 Reunion, with live gigs in the UK at The O2Academy & The Robin2 as well as at Headbangers Open Air in Germany. And if that's not enough there's extremely rare, never, ever seen material from a JR gig in 1980 at The Polytechnic of Wales. "Still Life-Fast Moving has lots of your favourite songs plus interviews & pictures on 2 Cds with interactive menus! A must have for Jameson Raid fans. Order now from the shop & have it before Christmas!

Jameson Raid signed a worldwide Deal with Pure Steel Promotion!

The NWoBHM Band JAMESON RAID from Birmingham, active since 1975, has signed a deal with PURE STEEL PROMOTION. The album "Uninvited Guests", which was a self-release on 1st July 2015, will be re-released by PURE STEEL PROMOTION again. More News coming soon.

Band statment:

Jameson Raid is both proud & delighted to announce our association with Pure Steel Promotion. Pure Steel is a well-known, dynamic and dedicated company within the Metal world, & having them handling the Publishing & Promotion for our new album, “Uninvited Guests” is just fantastic and a major leap forward for Jameson Raid.


Terry Dark – vocals

Peter Green – bass

Lars Wickett – drums

Dave Rothan - guitars

Fireworks Magazine has an interview with yours truly in this month's issue; plus a track from Uninvited Guests on the free CD!!

Available from: WH Smith, Martin McColls in the UK, and Barnes & Nobles & selected Indigo stores in the USA & Canada.

I'm talking about how I got into music, the early days of of JR, 7 days of Splendour and how Uninvited Guests was made plus the future of the band.

Buy it now...

Welcome everyone to the brand new, shiny, Jameson Raid website, designed by Remco Smorenburg.

There’s a great deal happening with the Raid at the moment, not least of which is the departure of Pete, Dave & Lars from the band! Keeping a band together is always a difficult thing to do, as many musicians know from experience, and this line-up had run its course.

In the future the band will be known as Terry Dark’s Jameson Raid, not because his head has swelled up out of all proportion but to reflect the fact that there are no original members (except Terry) left and that he will be inviting other musicians to work with him at live gigs & on new projects.

There are some more huge announcements coming, and they are all of a positive nature!! So keep your eyes on the website for updates.

In the meantime, Terry would like to thank you for all your support. “It means more than you know.”


Terry Dark, Pete Green, Dave Rothan and Lars Wickett have decided to go their separate ways.

This line-up, which has been together since November 2013, is no more. All members of the band wish to thank the fans for their support and loyalty during this period.

There is no word yet about future plans. Except for Lars, who will continue to be a full time, professional drummer, working on various projects

The band had good times working on ‘Uninvited Guests’ and with this album all the members have left behind a legacy to be enjoyed.

Our many thanks,
Terry, Pete, Dave & Lars